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Oh YES I did! ..... Size DOES Matter!!!! 

With a raise of hands... How many of you have hi-resolution files from a photo shoot that you purchased? 

And with another raise of hands... How many of you have actually spent time printing and displaying them in your home?

** crickets... crickets... crickets... **

Now what you ask?

In this digital age that we live in, "hi-resolution files" seems to be the "thing" that most people ask for, many times they don't know why they want it ..... they just do, because Susie, told them they want it!  Yet, they do nothing with it, apart from sharing their experience with their friends on social media (don't forget to credit your photographer ~ tee-hee :) ) people are doing nothing with their images, .... they get lost, broken, dusty sitting in a drawer or on a book shelf or your new pc doesn't have a CD drive so you forget about them.  ... Can I tell you a secret? ....... this makes us creatives SUPER DUPPER sad.  I for one, spend many hours planning each session, and many hours hand editing your images for them to be displayed in your homes.  I want the art that was created for you of your beautiful family to be displayed proudly... God forbid they stay hidden on that dumb drive ... oops I mean thumb drive, or CD getting dusty or broken in a drawer or on a shelf never to be seen ... anyone remember floppy disc? (I rest my case!)  And we definitely don't want this to happen...(see video below or click here)





When it comes to hanging your images, I want to help take the stress out of it!  

First and foremost:


Yep, I really said that. Size REEEAAAALLLY does matter when displaying your portraits. A lot of little images can feel cluttered and well messy. But, one small 8x10 can easily be lost on a wall and look teeny tiny, and unimportantI want to show you ways to create an Art Collection of your images.   

As you can see below, this 8x10 image looks small on the wall, above the furniture.


Instead, turn that 8x10 into a statement piece for ALL to see (even clear across the room).

You want your Fine Art Portraits to make a statement!


Immediately the image goes from sad and blah/understated, to a STATEMENT PIECE displaying your loved ones in an amazing way. If you prefer more of a collage look, going large with your prints and frames is the way to go in creating a statement piece.

I completely understand that it can feel totally overwhelming to create a cohesive gallery of images on your wall. So if the thought of this sends you into a tail spin, fear not, TSP is here to save the day!!!!  :)  (Did year hear that? In my head I heard the underdog song .... "underdog is here to save the day?" Do you know that song? ... OK never mind ..... I tell you the voices in my head are a lot funnier then when I read it on my monitor! p.s. - my son told me to take all that out, he still doesn't understand my humor! I hope the rest of you do!!  -  If not please don't leave yet - I am new at this blogging and I may look back at this next year and say geeze - what was I thinking? but for now it stays :)) Any who, use my skill and expertise to help you find ways to display your images proudly in your home!

Modern interior.Modern interior.Modern interior with bookcase and armchair near beige empty wall.3d render.

Below are a few more examples of how to display your images in your home!

Bedroom interior.Bedroom interior.Modern bedroom interior. Frontal view. 3d render.

Stairway in the modern house.Stairway in the modern house.White stairway in the modern house. 3d render.

I hope this helps inspire you to display your beautiful portraits boldly and proudly in your homes!  Along with size,

QUALITY of products and prints is everything!

P.S. This blog took 5 hours to create!  No one was harmed - but I have dust bunnies, and laundry to deal with ... therefore I can honestly say I am not able to blog everyday ... that was my goal ... I will shoot for that later ... for now I need to figure out a easy way to add the photos to the blog and I will blog again in a couple days!


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I will give it my best! I WILL  GIVE IT MY BEST!

I titled my first blog posting .... I will give it my best! .... why you ask?  I am NOT a word smith.  I am a rambler ....  I don't like texting or emailing ,,, I like to talk/ramble!  But I am going to give it my best and share my story, my thoughts, hopefully a thing or two about photography and most importantly photography for you and your home!  Here goes!  ...........

I have learned a lot in the last several years about photography, myself and what I enjoy doing as well as what I need to do to assist my clients.  I have changed my business set up and what I offer my clients.  One of the things I am most excited about is a new system I have!  Let me share a little something about that ... the best way I know how!!!  A photo!   ............ oh I forgot if it doesn't have a lens on it .... I can't operate it!  I have just spent 10 minutes trying to get a photo here ........... I will be back ............ uggh!



........ I know I took the long way around this but here ya go!!!!  I can now take a picture of YOUR wall in YOUR home and show you how 1 or more of your photos will look on YOUR wall in various sizes!!!!  How cool is that!  I think it will make it so much easier for you to make your decisions about how your decorate your walls.

Well there ya go!  I'm exhausted .... but I have my first blog post done!  Wish me luck - please be understanding that this is WAY out of my comfort zone but I am determined to do this and hopefully share a thing or two that you find interesting.  Please check back I will be sharing more information about what is new at TSP!

P.S. Did you see my new watermark?  Do you like?


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